Can hardwood floors be installed over concrete?

Can hardwood floors be installed over concrete?

Subflooring is a critical topic when discussing the installation of your new wood flooring. It's essential to understand the subfloor material so that you can take all the specific measures to ensure your wood floors are protected long term, especially if there are any chances of moisture or vapor.

Solid hardwood flooring installation requirements

The primary concern when attaching solid hardwood flooring to a concrete subfloor is the opportunity for moisture, which would quickly damage the wood floors. To alleviate this worry, adding a polyethylene sheet over the concrete slab is always a good idea to ensure moisture does not compromise the wood.

Many homeowners prefer that another layer of treated plywood be added above the moisture barrier, adding yet another stage of protection. It's not uncommon to take these precautions, especially since solid wood floors are a significant budget and time investment.

Another hardwood option for installing over concrete is engineered wood, which can be floated. However, the exact requirements for a moisture barrier are present because engineered flooring can be damaged by excessive moisture evaporation.

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