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When you have carpet needs, details are important

Choosing the perfect floor covering can be a delicate experience, especially when that floor covering is carpet. Of course, you know you’re going to get an absolutely gorgeous appearance for every space. And you know it will be the softest underfoot experience possible. But there are other fine details as well, things that you might not know, and even misinformation that needs to be addressed. No matter what the situation, you’re likely a great candidate for this floor covering. It’s worth a few extra minutes to find out how true that is.

At Dearing Flooring Center, we know it takes a special kind of flooring to meet your very specific needs. The good news is, we offer an excellent selection of materials you can choose from, and all the services you’ll need to complete your flooring project. In fact, we currently serve the communities of Jeffersonville, New Albany, Clarksville, Floyds Knobs, Lanesville, Corydon, Elizabeth, Charlestown, Louisville, Sellersburg, Salem, and Pekin, with a showroom located in Jeffersonville, IN. We’ll make sure your needs and preferences are met, so visit us today.
Luxurious carpet in Jeffersonville, IN from Dearing Flooring Center

Carpet you'll love, right from the start

If you’ve ever had doubts about whether or not carpet is the right option for you, then you probably don’t have all the facts; at least not the ones that could be of great benefit to you and your floors. A lovely appearance is really just the beginning. Starting here, you can match your decor, wall colors, and create a feel and an environment, since colors and patterns can produce different feelings and looks.

The softness of carpet does a lot more than feel good under your feet. While that factor alone is enough to draw many homeowners, it provides more than comfort. For instance, in a home where there are children or elderly persons, it provides safety, especially for those who are prone to falling. It also allows a great deal of noise suppression that leaves you with an environment that is much more peaceful. And finally, it’s responsible for providing an extra layer of insulation, thus assuring a warmer home during the winter. It’s a difference you’ll not only feel, but will also see on your energy bill.

When considering installation options, we urge you to consider only professional installation. This will give you the highest quality flooring for the longest period of time.

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