How to achieve textured hardwood flooring

How to achieve textured hardwood flooring

Wood flooring is a fantastic addition to many rooms, with benefits like décor matching elegance and outstanding performance. But they also offer one of the most extended lifespans of any floor covering.

If you enjoy a textured surface, this is a great way to get results that can last more than 100 years. Here are some ways to achieve this vision that also offers extended benefits.

What is textured hardwood?

Textured hardwood comes from the finish applied to the surface of your flooring right after the stain color. Some options include distressed, vintage, wire brushed, and hand-scraped solid hardwood flooring, although other choices are available.

Textured floors offer a unique visual appeal that caters to a wealth of décor choices. But they also protect against stains, scuffs, scratches, and more.
How do you get textured surfaces?

Textures are achieved in various ways, using wire brushes and machining to get the desired effect. Each texture adds personality and character, so it’s well worth the time it takes to complete.

While the method can vary from flooring to flooring, each service takes about the same time. Even high gloss wood flooring finishes take time, and you'll want to see them before deciding.

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